Launch Presentation Response

Launch Presentation Response

Jul 11th, 2021

We got some stuff to talk about.

First, the team and the marketing:

The Beyond Melee team didn’t make the direct or the trailer, that marketing material was written and directed only by hamyojo and Sunsette. The blame is all on us. The team is over 20 members, and please don’t blame them for what me and Sunsette did. They don’t deserve it.

On to the Project M/Plus part of the presentation, that was a mistake. It wasn’t the proper time, place, or tone for that kind of comment. We’re sorry, and we will soon upload a version of the presentation without those inflammatory comments.

The Project M community deserves better than to be bashed by new mods, especially in the way we did it. Internally, we saw this as a playful jab at “annoying characters”, which is not how it came out in the video. That was very inappropriate given the history and state of Project M, especially in how it has been treated by the scene as a whole.

Without PM, there’d be no major modding community for Smash. Beyond Melee is completely aware of this, and we know very well this project and team would never have existed without the foundation and community that Project M started.

In particular, I want to personally apologize to Lunchables, Sethlon, Arsenals, and Birdman. They didn’t ask to be in the presentation, or to be used as a talking point in a point we shouldn’t have been trying to make. Please try to leave them out of your criticisms of Beyond Melee and the marketing mistakes we made. They do not deserve that and were not a part of it.

Secondly, the stolen assets:

Again, blame me, hamyojo, for these mistaskes. I didn’t double check that what my team members were offering to the project were completely original and had all permissions cleared up. I will not make this mistake again.

Below are the listed assets that we will be either removing or replacing entirely as soon as possible.



There’s a hotpatch we’re putting out today that already removes Dry Bowser, DK’s boxing gloves skins, Poke Floats Stadium, and Metal Cavern.

These problems wont pop up again, given how I, and the rest of the team, will be much more diligent in the future.

Thirdly, the Patreon:

Finally with the issues with the marketing and the stolen assets, the Patreon, reasonably, does not look like it’s in good faith. That totally makes sense. The Patreon will not have any beta testing, updates, or anything else of the sort until all of the assets are replaced with Beyond Melee’s assets.

This is a mod made for the community by community members that have been playing both PM and Melee for years and years. We should have known better than to make the mistakes we did, and it’s our first time putting together something like this. We will do better. If you stick with us through this all, I sincerely thank you. If not, I understand.

Much love,


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